Engineering Excellence
The Autosports division of Maxicorp is dedicated to niche, high end motorsports engineering focusing on bespoke projects or small production runs. We are proud to be surrounded by a team of experienced tool makers, electrical and mechanical engineers, with the ability to access the finest brains in high end electronics, F1 and aerospace.

The team led by Zef Eisenberg has worked with extreme vehicles for over 25 years for the sheer enjoyment, PR and pleasure they create. We have a simple philosophy across all our endeavours, that being; Inspiration, Innovation and Excellence - to deliver award-winning results, world class products, excellent branding potential, amazement and memories that people will talk about for years to come. We call this Legacy Engineering.

Jet Turbine Powered
A dedicated R&D team in Guernsey focusing on shaft and thrust turbines from the Boeing 502, Rolls Royce Allison 250 and the Rolls Royce Gem from the Lynx helicopter for alternative automotive power, high horsepower and reliability.

Sponsorship and Branding
Land speed racing (LSR) offers unique sponsorship opportunities for those brands that want maximum exposure with a difference. Our race and turbine powered vehicles are unique and unlike anything you have ever seen or heard before. We are able to offer extensive PR and marketing opportunities for those brands that want to be partners in this exciting arena.

Imagine the world’s smallest, powerful and lightest V8 (500hp in race format at just 82kg) in a motorbike of normal size and weight, with incredible acceleration and top speed… that also handles. After four years of extensive R&D with some of the best engineering partners in the UK, the first road legal prototype achieved 207mph in a standing mile (running the engine in) - August 2015.

MADMAX Race Team
The world’s only racing team dedicated to V8s, race quads, turbine powered motorbikes, cars and bespoke turbine powered vehicle projects, with a special focus on hill climbing, sprint, land speed racing and world records. Note: MADMAX is a fully registered international trademark in all classes, owned by Maxicorp Ltd.

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