Maxicorp Advisory is a leading advisory consultancy to companies - both large FTSE-listed corporates and smaller nimble emerging brands - operating in the food and Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) space interested in taking advantage of changing consumer attitudes to health, nutrition and well-being. Maxicorp Advisory is led by Zef Eisenberg, founder of Europe's largest sports supplement brand, Maximuscle, which was sold in a high-profile exit to pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline.

The consultancy draws on nearly three decades of experience operating at the highest levels of the consumer goods, food, health, nutrition and property industries. Maxicorp Advisory operates at the Board level of organisations.


  • Consumer understanding
    • Consumer insight
    • Marketing strategy
    • Messaging
    • Emerging trends
    • Industry challenges
    • Product adaptation
  • Commercial advisory
    • Commercial objective adaptation
    • Strategy guidance
    • Effective operation/production efficiencies
    • Managing varying operational demand
    • Change management
    • Operational relocation
    • Brand protection
    • Patent Law
    • Commercial negotiation
    • Investment raising and exit strategy
    • Selling into key retailers
  • Industry specialities
    • Fast-moving Consumer (FMCG)
    • Food
    • Health
    • Health and Nutrition
    • Sports nutrition
    • Property
    • Luxury branded goods
    • Transport, including automotive

N.B. This is not an exhaustive list. Maxicorp Advisory has applications across industry regardless of sector.

Consumer understanding

A core component of Maxicorp's advisory offering is its commercial insight into consumer needs. It has expertise in identifying consumer dissatisfaction and developing products to meet those demands.

It also provides guidance on effective marketing strategies to promote consumer products and communicate distinctive messaging to consumers. Importantly, Maxicorp Advisory works with businesses to identify shifting consumer demands, both existing and emerging, and how best to out manoeuvre their competitors by adapting to meet these changing needs.

Commercial setting

Maxicorp Advisory's competency also extends to commercial and strategic operations in any industry, covering product development, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, supply-chain management, and selling into key retailers.

Fundamentally, its core expertise is advising companies on how to structure and arrange their processes efficiently, effectively and quickly take advantage of changing consumer needs; protect their market advantage; lower their costs; and limit their exposure to risk.

It also provides insight into other areas, such as brand protection, patent law, and effective commercial negotiation. This negotiation advisory service includes negotiations with suppliers, clients, and potential investors.